Hi Gail: I beleive I was your first patient this morning at the Health Fair and I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience your treatment was. My fall yesterday and the pains I had all last night as a result of it are totally gone since you worked on me. I have told my friend about the treatment, the music, the wonderful scent and she is interested in coming for a treatment in your Rutherford Location when I come back for another treatment myself.

Give me an idea what dates and times you do this–I am assuming it will be just evenings since you have two other locations that you work from.

I suffered with should pain and a pain at the base of my skull left side from the fall and when I left your room, both were gone. You are a miracle worker.

P.S. I am drinking my fluids since you told me I am dehydrated. thanks for pointing that out.

Just let me know if you do day time, weekend or what in your Rutherford area.

Again, thanks so much. As far as I am concerned, YOU were the HIGHLIGHT OF THE HEALTH FAIR and I am looking forward to having your magic fingers do the walking on me again.

– Elaine

Hi Gail!

Thank you so much for Friday’s session! I thought you did a stupendous rainbow technique. I slept great on Friday night-very soundly. I woke feeling even more lighter and I felt skinnier. Energy level and sense of clarity felt great!

I think you might hear from my friend Kate Brown soon. She lives in Rutherford.